Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I began working with a Rubik’s Cube about 18 months ago while in the James A Haley VA Polytrauma Unit for TBI. It took months, but I memorized the algorithms and hand movements and like a cool parlor trick i became fast enough to complete it in under a minute. However, I found that if I didn’t actively practice at least once a day (pick it up and do it once), that it almost immediately went away, like everything else in my short term memory, and I would have to relearn the entire process from the beginning – GROUND ZERO. I’ve done this 3 times in the past 18 months. Consequently, I began to see some positive effects from this drill just in the way I was thinking, and also remembering things. I began to “Picture” where I had left the keys instead of trying to remember where I had left them. If that seems simple, it isn’t. To me it was like suddenly being able to speak a new language. This was all very subtle, and happened in small steps, but it has encouraged me to continue to practice. Happy Thanksgiving! Josh

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