I am paddling 3,500 miles over 4 months (Mar-Jul 2016) from South Texas along the Gulf Coast, around Key West, FL, and finishing under the Statue of Liberty NYC!

My mission is to raise $22,000,000 for the Task Force Dagger Foundation for the purpose of:

1. That 7,500 former and active Special Operations (SOCOM) members are treated for TBI/PTSD with State of the Art and groundbreaking modalities, and not covered by the VA or TRICARE insurances. These are clinics like the Brain Treatment Center (CA), the Carrick Brain Center (TX), Millennium Health Center (CA), and the Elk Institute for Psychological Health & Performance (FL), etc…to name a few. This type of treatment will flow out to the greater Army as well so that the more than 300,000 cases of TBI, and also combined PTSD in the military receive treatment.

2. Increased investment in state of the art protective equipment that will drastically increase soldier survivability (Non Newtonian compound protective gear, elastomeric materials and coatings, etc…). In the same period as OEF and OIF, the National Football League has identified the significant issues with head trauma, and taken strides to mitigate with state of the art helmets and protective wear. Sadly, the military has not!

3. Increased availability of functional medicine modalities that extend the soldiers performance, career and life. Do this during and post career. If we are to sustain an all-volunteer force and through significant and lengthy periods of conflict, then we have to find sustainable ways to counter the effects of negative environmental impacts on our soldiers. We know the practitioners with these answers.
The Task Force Dagger Foundation has solutions that saved my life and my family. My project Veteran Voyage 360 is purposed to raise awareness and resources for what they are doing.


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