Hi ALL! The 2015 NC Blackbeard Challenge is in the books with a record setting Single’s win in 4 days 11 hours 2 minutes (307 miles). I pushed the boat pretty hard, but these Hobie Island Mirage’s are tough considering there were small craft advisories half the time we were out on the Pamlico and Core Sounds. That said, I broke a lot of gear during some close calls, and narrowly escaped peril after a run-in with a Barge at night, and the timber rolling in its wake. But the boat held together to the end with a little help from some 550 cord and sticks! I really enjoyed the course, and was distracted by the many small beauties along the way, stopping far too often, and for too long sometimes. Then again, aside from testing one’s measure, experiencing places during times one normally wouldn’t venture is what these races are all about! A very special thank you to Task Force Dagger Foundation for all their support, to Black Dagger Military Hunt Club Inc, to LALO Tactical, and all the Docs from TF Dagger SOF Health Initiatives, to Max Weld , Geoff De Maine, George E. Hand IV, and Amy Quinn for the coaching and encouragement, and I know Im missing folks but will get with it next posting as this is getting long. I certainly won’t get off without mentioning the woman who got less sleep than me waiting and worrying at shore, the beautiful Tonia Jones Collins! Josh sends

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